I like how the physical world is put together, including its natural and man-made elements. It's our petri dish, made for us to observe, to respond to and then possibly impact. Sculpture is a non-verbal way for me to respond. I observe the world (which includes whatever is happening in my head and heart), and then conjure up responses in materials like steel, rope, wood or stone. Most times the materials and the shape I'm trying to create speak to me while I am trying to get them to say what I'd like. Sometimes the messages are "I don't work that way," or "I want to bend this way," or "I'd look much better if you cut off this part and get rid of it." When I'm lucky, it's "I am very comfortable just like this."


I've found that I find peace in patterns and certain spacial relationships. It is something I've had to work on to accept as if there is something negative about it. But the older I get, the more pattern and harmony I see in nature, even to be found among what at first glance may be very dissimilar elements. Water and stone couldn't be more different, but both are required (plus a good dose of gravity) to result in a rushing creek in early Colorado springtime. Each is needed to define the other. I think art, sculpture in particular, is like that. You make something that occupies space, and by doing so, define the space around it. You can do with that what you will, and hopefully you like it, but you can't just ignore it. A great piece draws you in to walk around it and see the differences a small change in vantage point makes in addition to the overall sensation of the whole. Looking at sculpture carefully makes you mindful.

One last note: You'll notice objects that clearly seem to be more "real sculptures" than others. I can't waste time trying to determine what's "fine" and what's not. I retired last year and fianlly can spend more time with the actual making, and love it. I make somewhat smaller or "simpler" objects for people who feel the need for a hand-made object in their main or vacation home, whether it be indoor or outdoor, something that is 3-dimensional, but is familar and may even serve a purpose. I have fun doing those things. They may even be "stepping stones" to "fine sculpture". If you are interested in anything I make, or have your own idea, let's talk about it. Might be fun.